About Greg & Dragons...

Dragons Speed Shop builds professionally prepared Harley-Davison® Big Twin engines that run great and stay together, from antique restorations to fire breathing street strokers.

Greg Ponto started out with the excellent advantage of growing in his father’s shop, and throughout the many years since that time, extensively and continuously experiments on his own engines.  He trained one-on-one with the late Joe Mondello on hand-porting Harley-Davidson® engine heads.

Greg’s professional expertise stems from constant research & training...

  • Studying how expert car engine builders ported their heads, machined and blue-printed their engines.
  • Digging into the Harley-Davidson® service manuals.
  • Consulting with industry experts and parts manufacturers.
  • Reading every available Harley-Davidson® high-performance book.

Greg’s extensive training and expertise was applied to building his own Harley-Davidson® engines that run great and stay together.  His work expanded to friends and acquaintances and that led to how Dragons Speed Shop was started.

All head work, machine work, and engine building is professionally performed with expert attention to detail and the very best parts made in the USA.